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Trainer : Abdul Rehman

Duration : 3 Months

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    Grow Your App Development Skills

    Every year, many people rely on mobile technology to fulfill their needs. People now rely on mobile applications instead of websites, which were once the industry standard. It’s an exciting moment to start learning mobile app development because the technology required to make these apps is developing and increasing swiftly.

    Australian IT Centre teaches you how to create customized applications that please consumers with their efficiency and run on a wide range of operating systems.

    What is Mobile App Development?

    It is developing software applications that operate on mobile devices. Mobile app developers create installable software packages, set up the backend services like data access through API, and test the application on target devices. A typical mobile application uses a network connection to interact with remote computing resources.

    Benefits of App Development

    If you enjoy solving problems and have a brilliant app concept but need to learn how to develop it, taking an app development course at our IT Training Centre is ideal. You might also be interested in learning app development to change careers.
    The good news is that Australian IT Centre is here to help you learn how to create apps and expand your skills.

    1. Create any mobile application.
    2. Learn about the specifications for current iOS and Android devices.
    3. Learn how to conduct research in the development sector.
    4. Resolve complex programming issues.
    5. Java, Flutter, and other languages make it simple for you to create mobile applications.

    Month 1: Getting Started with React Native

    Week 1: Introduction to React Native

    • Course Overview and Setup
    • Introduction to React Native and Mobile Development
    • Setting Up Your Development Environment
    • Creating Your First React Native Project
    • Revision

    Week 2: Basic React Native Components

    • React Native View
    • React Native Text
    • React Native Image
    • React Native Touchable opacity
    • Revision

    Week 3: Basic React Native Components

    • React Native Text Input
    • React Native Alert
    • React Native Modal
    • React Native FlatList
    • Revisions Week

    Week 4: Basic React Native Components

    • React Native Scroll Views
    • React Native StylesSheet
    • React Native Switch
    • Activity Indicator
    • Revision

    Month 2: Navigation in React Native

    Week 1: Form Creation & Validations

    • Form Creation
    • Form Validations
    • Validations Based Toasting
    • Basic Login Form
    • Revision

    Week 2: Working With Navigations

    • Introduction to React Navigation
    • Library integration
    • Stack Navigation
    • Tab Navigation
    • Revisions

    Week 3: Working With Navigations

    • Drawer Navigation
    • Designing Navigations
    • Nested Navigation
    • Dealings With Params
    • Revision

    Week 4: API Integration

    • Making HTTP Requests with Axios
    • Handling API Responses
    • Error Handling and Debugging
    • Integration of API
    • Revision

    Month 3: Navigation in React Native

    Week 1 : Dealing with Storage

    • Dealing with Storage
    • Introduction to Asynchronous Storage
    • Implementation of Asynchronous Storage
    • Data handling with Asynchronous Storage
    • Form Creation using Asynchronous Storage Revision

    Week 2: Dealing with Storage

    • Introduction to Asynchronous Storage
    • Implementation of Asynchronous Storage
    • Data handling with Asynchronous Storage
    • Form Creation using Asynchronous Storage Revision

    Week 3: Dealing with Storage

    • Reusable Component
    • Webview
    • Vector Icons
    • Project Planning and Wireframing
    • Setting Up the Project

    Week 4: Project Kickoff

    • Implementing Basic UI
    • Setting Up the Project
    • Implementing Basic UI
    • Initial Code Implementation Generating
    • Signed APK

    Why choose Australian IT Centre for the App Development Course?

    At Australian IT Centre, our mobile app developers know how to help our students create solutions that satisfy market expectations, strengthen corporate brand identities, and encourage business growth and expansion. We offer more acquirable skills and results for a lot of businesses that encounter problems in the IT sector.

    Learning with our skilled professionals, you get hands-on experience in mobile app development. As a team, we help you identify, assess, and solve any technological issues that most companies have.

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    Australian IT Centre provides App Development courses near Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan.

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