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Trainer : Abbas

Duration : 3 months

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    What is a WordPress Course?

    WordPress is a software system used to create beautiful and responsive websites and blogs. It is the perfect tool to create fully customizable and multipurpose websites including a blog, a corporate business website, a forum, an E-Commerce website, a personal portfolio, and a business website to sell products and services.

    A WordPress web development course in ryk introduces you to the essential features of WordPress and teaches you how to deal with all the customizations. This course at Australian IT Centre gives you the knowledge to create different professional WordPress websites for your personal use as well as for others.

    Importance of WordPress Course:

    From building a basic website or stunning blog to diving into a career as a WordPress developer, the possibilities never end with WordPress web development. More than a third of the websites on the internet are built on WordPress.

    It is one of a few tech skills that have a plethora of applications and possible uses. You can work as a WordPress web developer, get freelance opportunities related to plugin and theme installation, and technical support. If nothing else, You can use this skill to build yourself a stunning website or blog.

    Overview of WordPress

    • Introduction to content management systems
    • History and evolution of WordPress

    Installation and Configuration

    • Setting up a local development environment
    • Installing WordPress
    • Basic configuration and settings

    Understanding the WordPress Dashboard

    • Navigating the admin interface
    • Managing users and roles

    Content Creation and Management

    • Creating and editing posts and pages
    • Working with categories and tags
    • Media management

    Introduction to WordPress Themes

    • Basics of themes and templates
    • Choosing and installing themes

    Customizing Themes

    • Using the WordPress Customizer
    • Creating a child theme
    • Introduction to theme development best practices

    Understanding WordPress Plugins

    • Basics of plugins and their role
    • Installing and activating plugins

    Creating Custom Plugins

    • Writing simple plugin code
    • Hooks and filters
    • Best practices for plugin development

    Advanced Theme Customization

    • Custom page templates
    • Advanced styling with CSS and Sass
    • Integrating JavaScript and jQuery

    Advanced Plugin Development

    • Custom post types and taxonomies
    • AJAX in WordPress
    • Security considerations for plugins

    Performance Optimization

    • Caching strategies
    • Image optimization
    • Database optimization

    WordPress Security

    • Best practices for securing WordPress
    • Common security vulnerabilities and how to avoid them

    Deployment and Maintenance

    • Migrating a WordPress site
    • Backups and updates
    • Essential tools for WordPress development

    Practical Project

    • Participants will work on a comprehensive WordPress project, incorporating themes, plugins, and customization.


    • Regular quizzes, coding assignments, and a final project presentation will be part of the assessment process.

    The WordPress Development course outline provides a solid foundation for WordPress development, and instructors can adjust depth and complexity based on participants’ prior knowledge and course goals. Practical, hands-on exercises and real-world projects should be integrated to enrich the learning experience.

    Benefits of WordPress Course

    1. WordPress is an open-source and completely free software.
    2. This means you can build features or improve the existing website.
    3. It is robust and you can create brilliant websites with almost zero coding experience. 
    4. WordPress has a bunch of built-in SEO capabilities that are important for online success.
    5. With an easy-to-understand interface and pre-existing themes and plugins, you can easily customize the UI of a website as per your own ideas.
    6. Learning WordPress development from a reputed Australian IT Centre is also crucial because it helps you get familiar with various media types that WordPress supports.

    Take Advantage of the Amazing WordPress Course in Australian IT Centre

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    Bright Students

    Australian IT Centre provides WordPress Development Course near Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The course covers topics such as content management systems, installation, and configuration, understanding the WordPress dashboard, content creation and management, theme customization, plugin development, performance optimization, security, deployment, and maintenance.

    Taking a WordPress course allows you to work with open-source and free software, build websites without extensive coding, utilize built-in SEO capabilities, and customize websites easily with pre-existing themes and plugins.

    The training duration for the WordPress course at the Australian IT Centre is 3 months.
    Yes, bright students have the opportunity for internships after completing the WordPress development course.
    Regular quizzes, coding assignments, and a final project presentation are part of the assessment process for the WordPress Development course.
    Previous students have praised the Australian IT Centre for its quality courses, good teachers, supportive staff, and great learning environment.
    Yes, the course provides a solid foundation for WordPress development and can be adjusted based on participants' prior knowledge and goals. Practical exercises and real-world projects enrich the learning experience.

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