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Web Development

Trainer : Mehtab Ahmed

Duration : 6 Months

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    What is Web Development

    Web development skill is the art of creating and building websites. Web developers use special codes and tools to design and create web pages that you see on the internet, just like creating a house, but on the internet. These web pages are produced for businesses, organizations, or even personal use to showcase products and services, share some valuable information, and much more. Web development is like the backbone of the online world which makes it possible for people to share information, buy products, and connect with others on the web.

    Importance of Web Development

    Web development is extremely important in today’s digital era. It is no less than the key to unlocking the potential of the internet. Websites help businesses to reach customers, share their products or services, and grow. People like you use web development skills to create personal blogs or portfolios to showcase their talents. The demand for web developers is high, making it a valuable skill in the job market. The internet wouldn’t exist as we know it without web development.

    Benefits of Web Development Course

    Enrolling in a web development course at our Australian IT Centre is a smart choice for many reasons.

    • We empower you to create your own websites, giving you control over your online presence. 
    • You can build personal websites, start an online business, or help others create their websites. 
    • Web development skills are globally in high demand, offering you great career opportunities. 
    • You can work for companies or independently as a freelancer. Moreover, web development allows you to express your creativity and skills too.

    Week 1

    • Overview of the Internet and the World Wide Web
    • Basics of HTML5 and creating a simple webpage

    Week 2 & 3

    • Introduction to CSS for styling
    • Responsive design principles

    Week 4

    • Advanced CSS and layout techniques
    • Create a webpage with HTML and CSS. (Task)

    Week 5 & 6

    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • How we use JavaScript for programming
    • JavaScript Fundamentals

    Week 7

    • Introduction to Databases
    • Introduction to MySqli
    • Introduction to SQL
    • Basic SQL Queries
    • SQL Joins

    Week 8 & 9

    • Introduction to Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)
    • PHP fundamentals
    • PHP Types
    • PHP Operators
    • PHP Control flow
    • PHP Functions
    • PHP Arrays
    • PHP with SQL

    Week 10 & 11

    • PHP Form
    • Project with HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL

    Week 12

    • New HTML Tags
    • HTML Validation
    • HTML Media
    • HTML Graphics

    Week 13

    • Introduction to CSS3
    • Introduction to SASS
    • Introduction to CSS frameworks

    Week 14 & 15

    • Bootstrap Customize
    • Bootstrap Layout
    • Bootstrap Content
    • Bootstrap Forms
    • Bootstrap Components

    Week 16 & 17

    • Introduction to jQuery
    • jQuery Effects
    • jQuery HTML
    • Introduction to AJAX
    • AJAX Get/Post Requests

    Week 18 & 19

    • Introduction to PHP OOP
    • Pillars of OOP
    • PHP OOP Fundamentals

    Week 20 & 21

    • Introduction to MVC
    • Introduction to PHP frameworks
    • What is a Model?
    • What is View?
    • What is a Controller?
    • Basic MVC Project

    Week 22

    • Revision
    • Q/A

    Week 23 & 24

    • Assignment Project

    Why choose Australian IT Centre for the Web Development Course?

    When it comes to learning web development, Australian IT Centre offers the best web development course in Rahim Yar Khan. Our courses are designed in a way that ensures even those new to technology can learn and excel in this skill. 

    Our dedicated teachers guide you every step of the way, making sure you understand the basic and advanced concepts. We offer a supportive learning environment and flexible schedules to fit your needs. By choosing Australian IT Centre, you’re investing in a brighter digital future. So, join us today and jump into the world of web development.

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    Australian IT Centre provides web development courses near Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan.

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