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Software Quality Assurance

Trainer : Samina Ishfaq

Duration : 3 Months

Students : Members

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    Introduction to SQA (Software Quality Assurance)

    SQA (Software Quality Assurance) is the process that makes sure the software meets and complies with the established and standardized quality specifications of a company. It is a set of activities that ensures that every member of the project has implemented all the procedures and processes correctly.

    The ultimate goal of Software Quality Assurance is to detect the deficiencies and shortcomings of software before it goes public. This in-house detection of errors and mistakes means the development team faces fewer problems, and a lot less angry customers as well.

    Importance of Software Quality Assurance Course

    In today’s digital era where every business owns its software, software quality assurance is essential. Companies need to determine whether every part of the software including internal and external parts is up to the standard.

    Australian IT Centre offers a Software Quality Assurance course outline in Rahim Yar Khan. This course is designed for software development team members, project managers, and software quality control and assurance managers to increase the likelihood of the software’s success.

    This course at our Australian IT Centre offers to learn and practice the software quality control and assurance processes. It also supports disciplines like software project management, software configuration and release management.

    Overview of Software Quality Assurance

    • Definition and importance
    • Role in the software development lifecycle

    SQA Process and Standards

    • ISO standards for software quality
    • IEEE standards for software testing

    Basics of Software Testing

    • Types of testing: functional, non-functional
    • Levels of testing: unit, integration, system, acceptance

    Testing Techniques

    • Black-box testing
    • White-box testing
    • Grey-box testing

    Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

    • Phases of STLC
    • Test planning and documentation

    Agile Testing

    • Agile principles and methodologies
    • Role of SQA in Agile projects

    Test Case Design

    • Writing effective test cases
    • Traceability matrix

    Test Execution and Reporting

    • Test execution strategies
    • Defect life cycle and tracking

    Introduction to Automation Testing

    • Benefits and challenges
    • Choosing test cases for automation

    Popular Automation Testing Tools

    • Selenium WebDriver
    • JUnit/TestNG for Java or equivalent in other languages
    • Introduction to scripting languages (e.g., Java, Python)

    Performance Testing

    • Introduction to performance testing
    • Tools like JMeter or LoadRunner

    Security Testing

    • Importance of security testing
    • Common security testing tools and techniques

    Best Practices and Industry Trends

    • Code reviews and static analysis
    • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

    Practical Project:

    • Participants will work on a real-world project, applying the concepts and tools learned during the course.


    • Regular quizzes, assignments, and a final project presentation will be part of the assessment process.
    This course outline is a broad framework, and you can customize it based on the audience, their prior knowledge, and the specific goals of the training program. Additionally, incorporating hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and guest lectures from industry experts can enhance the learning experience.

    Benefits of SQA Course

    In this fast-paced digital era, taking an SQA (Software Quality Assurance) course from our IT Training is a good deal. In this course, you will learn to write a software quality plan and define software quality metrics. Not only this, but you will also be able to prepare different software quality checklists and develop an overall process improvement plan by the end of this course.

    Australian IT Centre teaches you to understand how to help your colleagues with the quality of their outputs in the best way possible. Moreover, this course ensures you become able to help companies win more business by providing higher quality with their software.

    Professional Software Quality Assurance Course in Australian IT Centre

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    3 Months

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    Bright Students

    Australian IT Centre provides Software Quality Assurance Course near Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    SQA is crucial in ensuring that software, both internally and externally, meets the required standards for successful implementation and customer satisfaction.
    The course covers topics such as software testing basics, testing techniques, automation testing, performance testing, security testing, best practices, and industry trends.
    Students will learn to create software quality plans, define metrics, prepare checklists, and develop process improvement plans. Additionally, the course helps enhance colleagues' outputs and enables companies to deliver higher-quality software.
    Yes, bright students may have internship opportunities provided by the Australian IT Centre to gain practical experience in the field.
    The course includes regular quizzes, assignments, and a final project presentation as part of the assessment process.
    Yes, lecture recordings are available for students to review and reinforce their learning.
    Testimonials from previous students highlight the quality of courses, teachers, learning environment, and support staff at the Australian IT Centre.
    Participants will work on real-world projects to apply concepts and tools learned throughout the course for practical hands-on experience.

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