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Duration : 3 Months

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    What is Graphic Designing?

    Being magic for your eyes, graphic designing is the art of making designs, logos, and pictures that look stunning. It is the art of using colors, images, and shapes to tell stories without words. The artists that create physically beautiful and attractive designs are known as graphic designers.

    They use different colors and shapes to create ads, posters, websites, and much more that catch your eye. Also, they make sure everything looks beautiful and organized.
    In other words, graphic designing is like painting with pixels to create art with a purpose. People will see and appreciate your work.

    Importance of Graphic Designing Course

    Graphic designing unlocks your creativity. Creative visuals are an important tool for businesses to stand out in this digital world, and graphic designing is the language of visuals. Learning this course will provide you with skills to communicate ideas effectively, making you a valuable asset to any industry.

    After taking this course, you will be able to create eye-catching ads, website designs, and social media posts driving engagement and sales. Completing this course will also open doors to various job opportunities.

    Benefits of Graphic Designing Course

    Businesses in Rahim Yar Khan rely on graphic designers to build strong brand identities. A graphic designing course from a reputable IT Training Institute like ours equips you with the skills to design user-friendly and visually appealing websites that are crucial in today’s online world.

    Graphic designing also offers a versatile career path.

    You can easily work in advertising, web development, or start your freelance journey, gaining economic independence. Graphic designers are globally in high demand. This means this course can enable you to work for international clients and companies. Enrolling in this course ensures you stay ahead in the competitive job market.

    Week 1

    • Understanding the principles of graphic design
    • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop interface and tools
    • Basic image editing and manipulation techniques

    Week 2

    • Layers and masks in Photoshop
    • Selection tools and techniques
    • Working with typography in Photoshop

    Week 3

    • Photo retouching and restoration
    • Creating and editing shapes
    • Introduction to filters and effects

    Week 4

    • Advanced layer styles and blending modes
    • Designing for print vs. web
    • Introduction to color correction and adjustment layers

    Week 5

    • Understanding vector graphics and their advantages
    • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator interface and tools
    • Creating and editing basic shapes and paths

    Week 6

    • Working with gradients and patterns
    • Typography and text manipulation in Illustrator
    • Understanding the difference between raster and vector graphics

    Week 7

    • Creating and editing complex shapes and paths
    • Working with the Pen tool and creating custom illustrations
    • Using brushes and symbols in Illustrator

    Week 8

    • Advanced text manipulation and formatting
    • Creating and editing charts and graphs
    • Designing logos and icons in Illustrator

    Week 9

    • Importing and exporting files between Photoshop and Illustrator
    • Combining raster and vector elements in a design
    • Creating mockups and presentations

    Week 10

    • Collaborative design workflows
    • Best practices for combining Photoshop and Illustrator in projects
    • Designing for social media and online platforms

    Week 11

    • Real-world graphic design projects incorporating Photoshop and Illustrator
    • Critique and feedback sessions

    Week 12

    • Finalization and presentation of individual projects
    • Industry best practices and preparing design files for production

    Why Choose Australian IT Centre for Graphic Designing Course?

    The graphic designing course in Rahim Yar Khan offers you learning from experienced professionals at our IT Training centre in rahim yar khan. Since we prioritize practical training, this course will prepare you with real-world skills, not just theory.

    We have strong connections with the design industry. Joining our Software Development Institute will give you access to potential job placements and networking opportunities. We also provide you with modern facilities and equipment that create an ideal learning environment.

    Our flexible schedules make this course accessible to both students and working professionals. With personalized attention and a more interactive learning experience, we don’t just stop at training but also help you with the right career placement and guidance.

    Gain essential design skills, practical knowledge, and a rewarding career

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    Australian IT Centre Provides Graphic Designing Course near Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan.

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